Saturday, May 10, 2008

Life in Fiorilla City

Yes, here I am again, the Old Bitch, with another regurgitation of Fiorilla. Here are strange snapshots from another realm, images found stored away in the rotating penthouse of the towering Fiorilla Building overlooking the neon night of Fiorilla City. Rat Fink prowls the concrete canyons, while the Eyedactyl soars overhead, circling, twisting slowly in the wind and keeping an eye peeled for the Fiorillazilla and any hallucinogenic alterations to the background landscape. Shawn McManus provided the iridescent coloring for the creatures above. Below is Rat Funk, Rat Fink's dad, colored by Jim McDermott. Visions of Fiorilla City by moh1t.

Rat Fink is ©2008 Estate of Ed Roth. Rat Fink art by Steve Fiorilla.

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Jim McDermott said...

nice color on the Rat Fink